Da sempre coltivare la terra è la cosa che sappiamo fare meglio: in famiglia ci tramandiamo una vera arte pregna di tutta la conoscenza, la sapienza e la competenza necessarie nella coltivazione delle olive e nella loro spremitura.

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HomeCultureMonocooltivar Peranzana reconfirms its Slow Food Presidium!

Monocooltivar Peranzana reconfirms its Slow Food Presidium!

MONOCOOLTIVAR Peranzana extra virgin olive oil produced by our centuries-old family olive groves is confirmed, also for 2020, as a Slow Food Presidium!

It was 2017 when, as true pioneers, we were the first to obtain this prestigious recognition for the Dauna variety: the first Peranzana that became the Presidium Extra Virgin, the first company to boast of this recognition in northern Puglia.
A pride that has pushed us to do better and to reconfirm, year after year, this important quality standard.

The National Presidium of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, promoted by Slow Food, aims to enhance and defend the rich heritage of Italian olive growing, and this remains one of our first objectives.
That’s why we continue to work in respect of the territory and environmental sustainability by putting the Good, Clean and Fair in practice every day.

We will continue on this path, without ever getting tired, in the search for the qualitative improvement of our products, certain to transmit the best tools to the consumer for a conscious choice from a qualitative and ethical point of view.