Da sempre coltivare la terra è la cosa che sappiamo fare meglio: in famiglia ci tramandiamo una vera arte pregna di tutta la conoscenza, la sapienza e la competenza necessarie nella coltivazione delle olive e nella loro spremitura.

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After more than a year of forced stop for trade fairs around the world, we are finally returning to travel and to make Italian excellence of high quality known throughout the globe. We will do it, together with the ICE collective, starting from Cologne! In 2021 Anuga returns to dictate the trends in the sector. With ten trade shows and a program of side events, it will still be the number 1 event. The numbers of the last edition, held in October 2019, speak for themselves and confirm the primacy of Anuga as the main event for international Food & Bevarage: 7,590 exhibitors and about 170,000 visitors from all over the

Terra Madre started on October 8th and will not stop for six months, with a mix of digital formats and physical and widespread events - in Turin, Piedmont and around the world that will make this edition the most beautiful edition ever . You will find our company on the Marketplace www.terramadresalonedelgusto.com dedicated to producers who adhere to the Slow Food philosophy and, in our case, to the Slow Food Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Presidium. For several months, the whole world has been focused on the health crisis and the resulting economic crisis. But the real threat is the environmental crisis, which greatly amplifies the other two. This is where

MONOCOOLTIVAR Peranzana extra virgin olive oil produced by our centuries-old family olive groves is confirmed, also for 2020, as a Slow Food Presidium! It was 2017 when, as true pioneers, we were the first to obtain this prestigious recognition for the Dauna variety: the first Peranzana that became the Presidium Extra Virgin, the first company to boast of this recognition in northern Puglia. A pride that has pushed us to do better and to reconfirm, year after year, this important quality standard. The National Presidium of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, promoted by Slow Food, aims to enhance and defend the rich heritage of Italian olive growing, and this remains one of

From 18 to 20 October 2019 our oils fly to London in the company of Woop Food for Welcome Italia 2019. The event, organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom, is dedicated to all gourmet enthusiasts who want to discover and explore Italian excellence. WoopEvoBar is the concept where you can find our products: it will be the first bar entirely dedicated to excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil. It will be possible to explore the thousand flavors and infinite varieties of EVO of the Italian olive oil scene. Take a trip through the regions of Italy and discover which evo is for you!   Welcome Italia, 18-19-20 October 2019 Royal