Da sempre coltivare la terra è la cosa che sappiamo fare meglio: in famiglia ci tramandiamo una vera arte pregna di tutta la conoscenza, la sapienza e la competenza necessarie nella coltivazione delle olive e nella loro spremitura.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Peranzana variety

Extra-virgin olive oil of a superior category obtained from olives of a single variety to enhance their aromas and flavors.

  • Area of production: Torremaggiore, Puglia, south east Italy.
  • Altitude: 169 asl.
  • Harvesting method: hand picked, within in December 15.
  • Method of processing: within 24 hours of harvesting.
  • Olive mill: hammer grinding machine.
  • Processing methods: cold extracted, continuous cycle system.
  • Variety: “Peranzana” 100%.
  • Colour: deep green with golden reflections.
  • Aroma: medium fruit flavor with scent of grass and fresch tomato.
  • Flavor: medium fruit flavor with aftertaste of almond and pleasant bitter and spicy tones.
  • Acidità: maximum 0.25

A Monocultivar oil is produced with olives of only one variety to enhance their aromas and flavors. Our  EVOO UNICO is produced with Peranzana olives, coming from a single territory, ours: the only one able to produce them. The Peranzana is a typical cultivar of the Alta Daunia area and Torremaggiore city; there are several legends that are handed down regarding its origin. The most accredited attribute to the Duke De Sangro its importation from the French provincial province of Provence, hence the name Peranzana. The olives are harvested and processed the same day to obtain an excellent product, extracted strictly cold. Each bottle therefore contains in itself the whole history of this territory and is the result of a work made  with attention to the smallest details.

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The Monocultivar of Peranzana UNICO is suitable for seasoning medium-structured dishes: grilled vegetables, steamed fish, white meats, bruschetta, salads.

NUTRITIVE VALUE  (Typical nutrition values for 100 gr)

  • TOTAL FAT 93.00 gr
  • Polyunsaturated 9.00 gr
  • Saturated 13.00 gr
  • Monounsaturated 71.00 gr
  • ENERGY 820 Kca
  • SODIUM 0 gr
  • PROTEINS 0 gr


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