Da sempre coltivare la terra è la cosa che sappiamo fare meglio: in famiglia ci tramandiamo una vera arte pregna di tutta la conoscenza, la sapienza e la competenza necessarie nella coltivazione delle olive e nella loro spremitura.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend of Peranzana and Coratina

Extra-virgin olive oil of a superior category obtained from two typical varieties of Apulia region.

  • Area of production: Torremaggiore, Puglia, south east Italy.
  • Height: 169 m asl.
  • Harvesting method: hand picked, within in December 15.
  • Method of processing: within 24 hours of harvesting.
  • Olive mill: hammer grinding machinee.
  • Processing methods: cold extracted, continuous cycle system.
  • Variety: Peranzana, Coratina.
  • Colour: bright green, with golden shades.
  • Aroma: intense fruity, tones of artichoke and fennel.
  • Flavor: intense fruity, persistent spicy aftertaste.
  • Acidità: maximum 0.25


Two of the most representative cutivar of the Apulia region, fused in one, single oil.

This is the idea that inspired us to create BLEND: an extra virgin with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

The balance of Peranzana, an olive typical of the Alta Daunia with a very low acidity, the greatness of Coratina, the cultivar queen of Bari’s north area with a very high polyphenolic charge.

Not a mixture of oils, but a harmony of olives.
The two varieties processed separated and give life to an intense fruity oil with the most varied aromas and a persistent and never banal taste. This oil contains the best of Apulia’s olive oil tradition.


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BLEND is suitable for seasoning dishes with a robust structure: legume soups, grilled meats, earth dishes, gravies.


NUTRITIVE VALUE  (Typical nutrition values for 100 gr)

  • TOTAL FAT 93.00 gr
  • Polyunsaturated 9.00 gr
  • Saturated 13.00 gr
  • Monounsaturated 71.00 gr
  • ENERGY 820 Kca
  • SODIUM 0 gr
  • PROTEINS 0 gr


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